Well, this weekend I started Persian Iris Garden. Stitching on Black is not as hard as I expected. I imagine that being a ripe young 32 years of age has a lot to do with that. The only thing is, I can see all the fluff that has attached itself to it when ever I pick it up. I am trying to keep it clean, but I am fighting a losing battle with Felix and Max around the place (at least Felix hasn’t taken it into his head to sit on me when I am working on this piece – he is not so restrained with some of my other pieces).
Speaking of Max he received a letter from his vet inviting him to join the senior pet programme they run. It’s a special deal on blood tests, a check up and chat to the vet about the aging process. I am planning on taking them up on this offer as Max is now 13 years old (and will be with us for a few more years according to the vet on our last visit). He had some arthritis pain early on this year (our summer) and I am worried about how he will cope with our winter here. I must get around to organising his appointment.
When I wasn’t working on Persian Iris Garden, I pulled out my Winter QS ACEO (Heaven and Earth Designs). I don’t know why but it was the perfect foil for P.I.G. I usually keep Winter just for Wednesday but felt like working on it and I’m not one to ignore my stitching impulses (hence all my WIPS!). I’ll post an update photo tomorrow with how far I have managed to get along with P.I.G (not even close to finishing pt one) and my progress on Winter ACEO.
On Monday I went down to the Post office and posted Renee’s Birthday gift for the Birthday Exchange. When I arrived there I realised I hadn’t taken a photo of it – what a boob!
The photo above is of Felix, he’s sitting on my lap with a wig that Joel made for him out of tissue he cut up with my embroidery scissors (thankfully not my favourite pair or you would have heard the shouting across the world). Joel likes to play with my scissors and whenever I am stitching near him I find the scissors seem to magnetically fling themselves down to his end of the couch. Felix is also partially sitting on my laptop which is his favourite body warmer after me.