Visit Nicki’s blog to see some pics of the Anti frog package I sent her this week. This was a rather fun and silly idea that I had to prevent frogs in one’s stitching. It actually did me the world of good collecting this little package together and I think it worked too. I’ve not had to do much (if any) frogging whilst the frogs were in residence at my place. I think I have to start a collection for me now.

This weekend is commited to finishing my Biscornu (8 corner pillow) to be sent on Monday (official mailing date). It’s nearly done, but finishing sometimes takes longer than I expect so I have commited my stitiching time to finishing off and choosing some extra goodies to send.

I have been shopping at the Silverneedle this morning (one day I’d like to see this place in person along with The Elegant Stitch – a kind of needleworkers tour of the USA, there are some other shops on the list, these are the ones that spring to mind, oh! Shepherds bush too), I have made a decision about what to stitch for Andrea in the friendship exchange (well, I narrowed it down to three). I had a kit of the object in question, but Andrea also had this kit so I had to go shopping again… deary me. If the package doesn’t make it in time well, I’ve got some other ideas from my in my stash.

It’s the 24 hour challenge weekend on Friends Gather, I might have a go at a needleroll or one of the Essy’s kits (they are starting to mount up again…) – I need to get my biscornu done first – then I’ll make a choice.

And because I have no stitching to update you with – here is another photo of Felix. He is so photogenic.