Yep, it’s ready to post during my lunch hour today. I was beginning to worry I wouldn’t get it done.

Weekend update:
~ Stitched a design for the reverse of the biscornu (not planned – just had a fit of worry and desided to add one in)
~ Watched disc two of Stargate Season 5 (we’re still addicted)
~ Visited Sister in Law’s and stayed the night

~ Awoken by niece at 7.30am and played with niece and nephew till it was till to leave (about 9.30am)
~ Joel and I finished putting together the Ikea Wall unit (yay!! – now discussion rages about whether we want a huge telly)
~ Joel made a fantastic curry (thanks, Love)
~ Finished Biscornu
~ Watched more Stargates.

I took a photo of the wall unit so you could see the fruit of our labours.