I’ve received another package from my Adopt a Stitcher adopter Harsha,Lady Shiny Scissors. She sent me some bookmarks and a magnet from Aquaria, an Aquarium she visited whilst on holidays recently, some lovely Carries Threads, some silken perle #12 in Blackberry from Vicky Clayton and best of all some LK charts from my wish list!! Thank you Harsha – it was a perfect end to a good day.
I had my first bellydance class last night – my library staff wanted to see what a class would be like so we hired a teacher and room and had a preview class. I was doing okay till to do the stomach rolls – I just couldn’t get the knack of that. My best step was the shimmy – basically everything shakes but the movement comes from the knees. I had fun in the class but I don’t think I can do it with the rest of the staff as they always have Monday nights off and I don’t. I might look around and see if there are any local classes. The teacher had beaded her own costume (little bra thing as well) it was beautiful. That would make an interesting exchange piece!!!
Also in the mail was a package from Dragonfly dreams with the new issue of SANQ. The Old Aviary Sampler is by Virginie Menzildjian, a french designer that I have a couple of charts from already. The ladies on Legacy had been raving about the piece and I had no idea it was one of hers – it was a nice surprise.
Also in the mail was my FOTM from Country Stitch. I nice piece of Oyster and a rather lurid green called peppermint – which I liked too – I wonder what I’ll use it for.