I live in a reasonably fashionable suburb of Perth, not one of the top ten to my knowledge but desirable all the same. I am being snail mail spammed by a local real estate company to the point where I actually feel harassed and upset. Tonight after receiving 4 letters within two days from the same company I finally rang and asked them to take me off their mailing list. I can’t believe I felt bad telling them to remove me from their list but I did! They have sent me a letter without fail every week since I moved in 3 years ago begging me to sell, sell sell. In fact Squires RE if I ever get to the point when I am ready to sell (at this point an ice age is more likely) Joel and I will monitor our Junk mail for a month and the company that can resist sending more than one advert to our place is more than likely to be our agent – so there!!!

I actually like my place – hey, I’d love an extra bedroom and more space but there are two decision makers in this family unit and he doesn’t want to go.