I’ve been feeling self concious about my finishing lately and so decided to try something new.
For the last couple of months Atelier fil en scene has been featuring finishing ideas (in French – but it is easy enough to use Google Translator or read the photographs).
When I saw June’s project I thought I would have a go and here are the results. I can see room for improvement and potential for future exchange pieces, perhaps.
Some of the things I changed – I lined all pieces with a thin layer of batting and I also used Judy O’Dell’s modified Ladderstitch to stitch around the needlecase.
Next time Stitching Bits and Bobs has a sale I’m going to purchase some of those new Thread rings by Kelmscott Designs and attach one to the side where the floss is tucked.
Joel has called the finished “object” the Toblerone Needlecase and I like the name.