I’ve been a little naughty and made some new starts over the weekend. In my defence they were little starts.
First up was the little Wool Wimsey that Harsha sent me in one of my Adopt a stitcher packages. I did this one on Saturday night. Isn’t it cute!! I had lots of fun with this – thank you Harsha. I think I will finish him off as a ornament.

On Sunday I started a needleroll – my friendship exchange partner Andrea has done a few of these and I thought this is an opportunity to try something new. So here is where I am up to on Shepherds Roll by Shepherds Bush, which I just happened to have sitting in my stash. I’ve still not made a decision about what to stitch for Andrea. I hope inspiration strikes soon!! Really, I should start this project on the weekend.
I really like Shepherd’s bush stuff, I don’t know why I don’t do more of their designs.

My active Chatelaine’s (Japanese Octagon box, Grape Threadkeeper) have been sadly abused this month. I must pick them up again soon. I don’t want to get too behind on these two because of the finishing for these pieces. Not to mention my inactive Chatelaines (Sampler mystery II, Strawberry Shaker box, Egyptian Garden, Persian Iris Garden – yes I know I started this one this month but it was another naughty start and should have been left till I’d done pt 4 of GTK and caught up on JOB – bad girl!!)

Today looks to be another busy one, I’m going to the Stitches and Quilt fair at the Perth Exhibition centre, lunching with Lucy and then going to a meeting for work (bleugh). Tonight it’s time to play with Winter ACEO, hopefully there will be some noticable progress on this one.

Edited to add, thanks for all the anniversary wishes, we had a lovely night in. Nice to see so many other May brides. It’s relatively rare here, as the weather becomes a little unpreditable (read rainy and windy).