At last, my huge order from Wyndham Needleworks has arrived! It came in this huge box…

Inside was a absolute treasure trove of pieces I have been craving for some time now. Shown here: a tuckable Swing-bag, Mimi’s Tape Measure and Clips kept here (Olde Colonial Designs). Also a journal sent by Lydia, congratulating me on the new job.

Also some lovely fabric by Lakeside linens, all 32ct, colours chosen: Pear, Lentil, Pearled Barley and Navy Bean. Also some R&R handdyed in Winter Feast.

I also ordered some silks for some upcoming starts and some charts: Quaker Sewing Bag (Samplers and Such), Summer House and Quaker Garden (Blackbird Designs), Ladybugs and Bumblebees (County Cottage Needleworks), Quaker Odds (the Workbasket) and Beatrix Potter’s Quaker sampler (Needleprint)

But it was also my lucky day because also in the mail was my Vicki Clayton FOTM. More Luscious silks!

Last but not least – here is my haul from the show at the the Perth Convention Centre. There was as usual more quilting than any thing else (but less again than last year – I really wish I’d bought the patterns for the humorous Nun Quilts I saw last year now (they all had really bright stockings on under their demure habits and cheeky faces)).
I cruised the quilt stands looking for interesting finishing ideas (they almost aways have nice bags that could be adapted (with superiour sewing skills to mine)) and grabbed some nice fabrics for finishing. I like the chicken wire one for Rooster attitude by the Workbasket (this is a favourite of mine). I also managed to find some Q snaps – happy day!! Jill Oxton and her crew were there so I said hello and had a chat to Jill’s daughter about brick stitch for beading (something I’ve yet to master). Whilst I was at their stand I picked up the two beading books they have published.

I also picked up some hand made buttons and some beautiful oriental beads. There are also some other beads there that I grabed for a project I have in mind to start soon. Not bad for two hours, eh! I may try to go back on the weekend. We’ll see. The price of parking for that time was horrendous – $18 which would be the only reason I would rule out going back. Such fun.