I worked this weekend and so I haven’t got any pictures of stitching to share with you. Also I’ve got a cold and I’m too stupid to go to the doctor to get a certificate… the last cold I had lasted 3 weeks, I hope this one doesn’t hang about.

I made a little start on my Friendship Exchange piece for Andrea last night – so far I have a little row of flowers. I think she will like the design, but I am not all that sure how to finish this piece. OOOh inspiration has just stuck! I hope I can find what I need during my day off, tomorrow.

I have a lunch date with my sister tomorrow, she is flying off to England on Friday with her husband, AJ and baby Niall for a visit with the family and then over to Europe and Germany for The World Cup. I’ll miss them very much.

This weekend I am supposed to be going down to Mt Barker to visit with the in-laws. They have plans for us, Joel will be helping with the paving in the back garden and I am supposed to be helping shift the office around and setting up thier wireless network. I am by no means an expert in networking but thankfully Mac’s tend to take care of themselves in this respect and they are an all Mac household.

I’m feeling a bit grumpy so I’m going to sign off and have a bath and a glass of wine, hopefully this will restore my equilibrium and then, I’ll stitch into the night!!