Wow, some progress photos to show you. I have finally made visable progress on Winter ACEO, poor girl I was expecting to be able to finish this page this month, but no, fate got in the way (We had a bulk bin delivered and I spent most of yesterday catching up with out chores or throwing things in the bin). Finally my backgarden is clear of furniture!! I did manage to get a couple of hours to work on her last night and she is looking wonderful. I am using the magnifier on the new lamp and it seems to be making a difference. I just love how this piece is turning out.
Here is some progress on the needleroll. All I need to do now is attach the lace and beads and put it together. I don’t know when I’ll actually get to do that!! (I’ve been offered an extra day’s work next week – no day off during the week!! How will I cope? Maybe another bath and glass of wine will be in order – the last one did work a treat).

I downloaded my new Chatelaine group parts this morning. Everything looks beautiful and I may just be able to catch up on Japanese box this month. Part 5 of Grape Threadkeeper is very small – yay!! The last part of Sampler mystery two is beautiful too. Only group without a new file was MTM but I imagine it will be there when I get home tonight!