Victory over the pavers has been declared! Joel and his brother in law, Todd did a marvelous job laying the pavers and nearly completed the entire job, but they ran out of pavers and compacted earth to lay them on. Here’s a photo of Joel hard at work.
Joel’s sister Penny and I worked on moving the office, which involved taking Don’s (FIL) desk and shifting it to another room, constructing a new desk for Mirriam (MIL), re-connecting the broadband, setting up their airport extreme wireless network and setting up a network cable (over a doorway) for Mirriam’s computer (which had no wireless card as we suspected). Mission accomplished!
I also entertained my 5 year old niece, Catriona and her little brother (2years), Sam. By the end of the weekend we were bushed.

I hear my sister has arrived safely in the UK from her Mother in law who is eager to share updates of their journey. I haven’t heard from the travelling band myself, but I believe the nephew is a huge hit with his relatives and they have all got colds, but are nevertheless having a marvellous time. I guess they’ll be in touch when they hit my side of the family.

Gosh, I feel bitchy at the moment, I think when I get home from work today (another extra day) I’ll have to hit the bath, wine and chocolate again. I wish I could say it was premenstral (at least there would be a reason).