Heaven and Earth Designs are having a 25% off Fathers day sale. I have to admit I am vunerable to a sale this week, I’ve been pretty low – work is taking over my life and it’s not supposed to be that way around anymore now that I am part-time.

So what did I buy? (of course I caved) Selene (Selina Fenech), Moonstones Storykeep (Linda Ravenscroft), Mask of wood woman (Sarah Pauline), Mermaid Dreaming ACEO QS (I don’t know for sure the artist for this one) and Jasmine’s Square (Jessica Galbreth).
None of these other than Moonstones Storykeep was on my wishlist. They just appealed to me yesterday morning. I really like Mask of Wood woman – such beautiful colours. I have emailed them for a silk list as this wasn’t included with the chart pack. I like the idea of doing her mask at least with the silks.