It must be getting tedious seeing this piece week after week, but sorry, I just love working on her. This week I managed to finish the background down to her cloak and fill in some of the gaps in her cloak. She is so beautiful in real life.

My new lamp and magnifier have made working on her a dream, though last night I left the santuary of the spare room (stitching ground zero) and sat with Joel while he watched some Blake’s 7, we have left Stargate for the present for some good old 70’s BBC sci-fi.

I suppose this is a good time to admit that the sale at HAED bit again and I have bought 3 more charts – Ace of Cups, 3 of cups and 3 of wands. These are from Stephanie Pui Mun Law’s Tarot set, very pretty. Someone on the HAED board had to ask which was our favourite artwork from this set, which set me off. Clearly, I should have been stitching instead of grabbing my purse and if I hadn’t done lot’s of extra hours lately, they would have gone to the wishlist.