Lately I’ve not been working on my Chatelaine projects, I’ve been intimidated by the number of beads or the size of the monthly parts assigned, or just overwhelmed by my life (heck, it’s not that challenging to be me, really).

This weekend I decided it was time to get over it and get back to work. And of course, once I started I’ve had a great time. The first WIP to get my full attention is Japanese Octagon Box. I have completed part two and am close to completing part three. No photo yet, I’ll take one tomorrow. If I manage to finish part 3 tomorrow I’ll only be one month behind again. You can view my last progress pic here.

Next up, I need to pay attention to Grape Threadkeeper – here I got stuck on part 4 – beading the grapes and over one initials. I admit it was the initials that are giving me trouble here – I got the notion that I might leave this in my will to my niece Catriona and was having trouble with which initials to use – if I use C M J (Catherine Mary Jane) it will fit with her initials Catriona May Jones. She was my first and only (atm) niece and we are quite close. I’ve always liked it that we have the same initials, something I noticed as soon as her parents told me her name. Otherwise it will have to be CK (there is less stitching with this option!!) Please feel free to give me your views, I may never progress otherwise!