This morning I awoke to news from all my Chatelaine Yahoo Groups that Martina has a preview of her new design Pompejian Garden on the Chatelaine BB.
Being a huge fan of Asterix, I Claudius and Falco*, I rushed over to see what she had come up with – it is quite lovely, but thankfully it doesn’t call to me for stitching. I have a big enough stack of her pieces to do as it is and a wish list as long as your arm for some of her other pieces (Including Mermaid Treasure Box, Taj Mahal, Illuminated Medieval Sampler, Midi II (- love the colours)etc, etc) and heck, I do like to stitch other stuff too.
My Chatelaine WIPs / kitted list for those who might be interested:
~ Sampler Mystery II
~ Grape Threadkeeper
~ Egyptian Garden
~ Strawberry Shaker box and toys (just the toys to do now)
~ Japanese Octagon box
~ Quickie stitch I – Needleroll
~ Medieval Town Mandala
~ Persian Iris Garden

So it is with a thankful heart I prepare now to leave for work.

Oh, and I started work on the Initials for Grape Threadkeeper last night – thanks for the imput, I did go with CMJ. I completed C and started on M.

* a series of mysteries set in Ancient Rome and the Empire by Lindsey Davis – the first is The silver pigs – I really enjoy this series as it is quite humerous, apart from the historical detail, which with my limited knowledge appears excellent.