Eek, my personal life has taken off again. Today I had breakfast at Lucy’s and played with Niall, then met my best friend (from high school days) for lunch and then had afternoon tea with her parents. After all that I had to come home for a nap!

Lucy, AJ and Niall returned to Australian shores on Sunday night and it is great to have them back with us. It is Niall’s first birthday next week and I am thinking about stitching this Glory Bee Freebie to celebrate the day (he was born on the fourth of July). We’ll see how this weekend shapes up. I think I’ll have to sub most of the threads. I had a good time playing with the little chap this morning, he really is one of the most amiable children in my acquaintance.

Oh, and the big news, Joel got his new Macbook the other day – no wonder no stitching is getting done, it is a pretty cool machine.