The 101 things in 1001 days bandwagon, that is. Presently my list is lacking a few “things” I think I’m up to 89 right now but that is because this week has been a little uninspired for me. I’ve been a little down – but things are on the mend and we will soon see an awful lot of stash on this blog again because when I’m down, I shop. Villages of Hawk Run Hollow is just one of the guiilty pleasures I will be indulging in shortly. Sometimes I wonder about my taste because everything seems to appeal to me. There just seems to be so little that doesn’t make me itch to stitch. I’m a little preturbed by that.

I’ve started a Muppet 101 blog for the list and the updates pertaining to it, so that this blog which has become mainly a stitching blog can stay that way. As my list is not quite final yet I’ll be changing things for a little while but once July is over – the list will be it for the next 2 and a bit years. Wish me luck!

ETA I’m open to suggestions for the last few things by the way… It is tempting to add in a Hawk run hollow finish. I could at least start it as part of the things…