In Perth, the city is open on Sunday afternoons, so today Joel and I went in to grab a CD I had on order at 78 records and have lunch together. We had a pretty good time because we also stopped off at the new book store, Borders (which used to be a Lincraft sewing and craft store – I miss it a just a little bit).
It’s been a while since I’ve been in a book store and looked at books for grown-ups (being a children’s librarian, I usually only view children’s materials) so it is with a happy heart that I report that they have a pretty good crime section.
I bought:

  1. Eleven on Top / Evanovich
  2. Dying for Chocolate / Davidson
  3. The Venus Throw / Saylor – this one is with thanks to Leslie for the tip
  4. Twelve Sharp / Evanovich and
  5. a nice notebook that I might use for the recipe exchange

And what is amazing is that this is all I bought (there is a new Kathy Reichs, you know).
I turned the house upside down a few weeks ago trying to find my first copy of Eleven on top, because the stars were in the right configuration for me to read it at long last but it had disappeared (probably with the in-laws or my sister-in-law, I think). So, since the new one is out (yay!!) I had to re-buy the previous one so I was up to speed on poor old Stephanie Plum. I’ve spent most of the afternoon reading it and it is the expected hilarious romp so far.
While I was at 78’s I picked up Radiohead’s The Bends and Nilson’s The Point which I had ordered for a bit of childhood nostalgia.
When did I pick up my needle this weekend you might ask? Well, I spent Saturday tiding my stash and tidying up my wishlist (don’t go rushing there – there is nothing new there, because I’ve been buying all my wishes lately, while typing this I did think of something but that will have to wait. The stash is now back in alphabetical order and all is right in the world. I have made a little start on Niall’s Birthday gifty but frankly not much of a start. I’ll get going on it tonight, really!

If you are a Perth person and wondering where we ate – we had lunch at Miss Mauds (in or near the Carillion), frankly the we chose there because we could have table service and sit and read our new purchases. Another perfect day!