Pressie for my Nephew Niall.
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Tomorrow is Niall’s first Birthday and being a doting aunt, I stitched him a little door hanger for his bedroom door. I subbed all the threads as none were in my stash as I haven’t any cresent colours yet. I ended up using Gentle Art’s Freedom (the blue) and Buckeye Scarlett, Vikki Clayton’s Cream and Bock(for the star), and Weeks Dye Works Chestnut. I used some red silk on the back of the ornament – keeping up the Red, White and Blue theme. I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

I went over to Lucy’s place this afternoon to help her prepare some cupcakes for tomorrow’s little celebrations. Niall is having morning tea with one of Lu’s friends first up, Lunch with some church friends at Toddlertown and later in the afternoon, Joel and I, Niall’s Grandma and another of Lu’s friends will arrive for cake and hopefully a cuddle.