I woke up at 3 this morning because I realised I have scheduled a holiday programme for when the library is closed (we just changed the hours for the new financial year). DAMN!!! While I was awake I figured out a contingency plan but I’m still a bit annoyed with myself.

I haven’t been stitching any of my regularly scheduled stitching either, I haven’t even downloaded my Chatelaine parts this month yet (a true sign of the malaise).

Winter QS ACEO is languishing in her Q Snaps, I made the mistake of starting a new page before the 1st page is done and I felt overwhelmed by the size of the project for the first time. This is the reason she hasn’t shown her pretty face (actually, hair) lately. I’m going to have to get over that, I refuse to let her go UFO.

Really I think the problem is the Recipe Exchange I am signed up for (due to be mailed next week) I’ve made a start, but I’m just not excited by what I have chosen to stitch. I think if I get this one done, that will be it for a little while exchange-wise, I think I might be a bit burned out.

In stash news – I have just received an order from Down sunshine lane with my LK ornament autos in plus Autumn things AND an order from Criss Cross Row which had the Village of Hawk Run Hollow and Quaker Stitching Treasures in it. I really like the Village, it is wonderful (and I suddenly have an appreciation for The Houses of Hawk Run Hollow too which I have ordered).

It’s time to go on another stash diet. I think this time I’ll not buy anymore stash till Christmas. This will not be that hard – I think I hear some dry laughter in the background, I’ll leave my auto’s in place so I’ll still be getting a monthly fix. Let’s see how my willpower holds (and watch my wishlist grow!!)