Cathy’s first Photoshop picture
Originally uploaded by Cathymk.

Because this blog has been devoid of pictures lately I’ve included this picture I drew on Joel’s tablet with photoshop sometime last year. I think at the time I said something along the lines of – “hey this is not too hard!” More dry laughter in the background from the loving spouse. I like this picture as it is kind of a self portrait (I had long hair when I drew it). Somehow I don’t think it will be a Heaven and Earth Design’s chart anytime soon (must work on my drawing – though I don’t think I’d ever be that good!) Hmm, perhaps a library fae? Inspiration hits!

Anyway what I actually wanted to post about was I’ve made a little progress on my Recipe Exchange (thank you for your encouragement!). Sorry I can’t share a pic it is a secret exchange. But as the mailing date is drawing near there is not too long to wait.

Can you believe it – Persian Iris Garden is calling my name again! Karen from Dragonfly Dreams supplied my kit in a partial form because some of the silks were out of stock, so I could make a start with the rest of the group (now there is someone who understands). The other day she sent an email asking which silks I has still to get and I just had to get the kit out to figure it out. The colours are just beautiful… sigh. I think the silks are at the post office now, there was a card in my letterbox tonight when we got home.
If I spent as much time stitching as I did drooling over projects, I’d have a lot more finishes to share!! I think this is an age old stitcher’s dilemma.