Ever since I saw the new Pirates of the Carribean film on the weekend I have been wanting to make a start on Skeleton crew by the Cross Eyed Cricket. I think this is the first time a film has inspired a new start for me. So far I have resisted its siren’s call, but I want to see the film again (if only for the teaser at the end of the credits that I missed), plus it moved so fast in some places I’d like to “sea” it again – it was such a jolly romp. (hmm did they say 13 men in the film – I may have to rechart the number…)

Today was a marvelous stash day. I had a parcel from the Elegant Stitch with some lovely silks in it (some duplicates for my
Chatelaines – I have a terrible fear of running out of thread) most of the Weeks Dye Works thread for Quaker Garden (how could I forget to order the Red pear!!) and also the Brightneedle chart Hatz bootique. In another envelope was Lizzie Kate’s Happy Haunting from Carol who, by the way finished part ten of Chatelaine’s Medieval Town Mandala today – huge congratulations, Carol (and a big thank you too!)

Thank you to all those who left a comment in the last few days, when I had my headache earlier in the week, it was just lovely to receive all those good wishes.

Just on a silly note, I had to buy us a new kettle on Wednesday. Here is a link to a pic of the kettle and the specs. I love it (I am addicted to tea, afterall). But the best feature is not even mentioned on the box it came in – the ready bell: my kettle goes “ping” when it has boiled. So cute (and not even annoying yet).