A photo of Max begging me to put the camera down and give him a snack, from about ten minutes ago.

I had an RDO today and in a surprising move, instead of spending the day stitching/reading or generally mooching about I cleaned our house. I think Joel was quite stunned when he got home tonight.

Firstly I cleaned the oven for the first time since I moved in three years ago (I know this is disgusting, but I am frightened of oven cleaning products). Our oven is one of those ones half way up the wall and opens with the door hinge at the bottom, how on earth is a short person supposed to reach inside to clean it? I don’t think I managed all that well to be honest. Joel and I have plans to renovate the kitchen soon and I think I will be asking for one of those self cleaning ovens as part of our package (along with a dishwasher!!) I think the oven will be an underbench job too – we don’t use it that much.

I also did our washing, move our bookcases around a bit and cleaned the rest of the kitchen. I even managed to see the nephew for a short time. This afternoon I did a grocery shop trip and then prepared my famous meatballs for our tea (these are actually a Nigella Lawson recipe). A productive day – this means on Wednesday (another RDO) I can mooch about with a clear conscience.