First up, here is the Britty Kitty I stitched and finished up on the weekend. This is the freebie Stitching Bits and Bobs sent me in my most recent order (JCS ornament book for those who want to know). Isn’t it cute, it’s stitched over one on a scrap of evenweave – I think it was 28count. I forgot to clip the corners whilst doing the finishing and no matter what I do those corners will not even themselves out. I’m going to give it to my beloved niece Catriona, who had her fifth birthday a week ago (Joel and I forgot!!) – we are sending her a belated birthday package this week.

On to household matters, Max is in the doghouse (figuratively speaking) as he has been behaving very badly lately. Last night at 3 am I awoke to a horrible snuffling, ripping sound and got up to find Max in the middle of the kitchen floor wolfing down our bread, having just managed to rip it open. I think he had a feline accomplice in that crime. Felix was looking too pleased with himself and is the only one who could have knocked the bread off the counter.

That was pretty annoying, knowing I had to be up at 6am this morning.

Then tonight, when I got home at 8pm, having greeted Joel with the loving wifely kiss, I go to place some things away in the laundry and discover that Max had done a poop on the laundry floor. I was livid!!! He is definitely house trained and has never done this before. He is so lucky I didn’t strike him, I was very tempted. At least it wasn’t on the carpet. (Trying to stay positive here)

Don’t worry I still love him. It’s just he hasn’t been this naughty in a long time and I am pretty shocked.