There was a card in the letterbox Monday saying there was an “ordinary parcel” awaiting pickup. Imagine my surprise when it actually turned out to be an extraordinary parcel from Canada – filled with stitchy goodness!

It was my turn to be on the receiving end in the recipe exchange (organised by the Robin’s Nest Bulletin Board). My partner was Christine and she stitched a darling strawberry pattern and made a recipe book for me. It is lovely and I wish I could take a photo without a glare spot in it. Christine also sent a recipe for Stoetecooke (Honey cake) which sounds yummy (and not hard for us cookery challenged!). I also received a wonderful postcard with a gorgeous chipmunk on it and an address book. Thank you Christine, I love what you sent!

My posty dropped off another parcel this morning, from Wyndham Needleworks, this had the fabric for Houses of Hawk Run Hollow and Village of Hawk Run Hollow. I’m in a quandry as to whether to start on one of these and which fibres to use to stitch it. Vicki Clayton has done a conversion for both charts or I could order NPI silks or I could use good old DMC. The NPI are very expensive but the Aussie dollar is riding high at the moment. I think I’ll wait till I’ve done my tax before I make a final decision, Then, of course there is the big question – which one first?