I’ve been working on Japanese Octagon box in the last few days whenever time allowed and here is the result. I’m very close to two thirds done on part 4 la, la, la! Don’t you think the lower crane in panel four looks a bit odd? It is exactly as charted and looks ok in real life but in the photo it comes out a bit strange looking. My favourite bit is still the tree on panels 2 and 3 because I love the leaves. Today I did all the over one in part 4 – I have a suspicion that I am the only one doing the clouds over one but again that is the chart and I am a stickler for following it’s cues (everyone else seems to be tenting these). I also spent some time with Lucy and Niall (always fun) – today we had morning tea at Mia cafe and then went around the garden centre attached (Mia Flora), I’m almost inspired to pick up a shovel again!
Tonight I have been working on Winter ACEO, poor lamb – she has been rather neglected lately so whilst I watched the Battlestar Galactica pilot (not the original – though we do have it) I picked her up and filled in more holes. I wonder if anyone can see the difference, I can – and I still get a kick from working on her.