Firstly here is an update on Japanese Octagon Box, not as much progress as I hoped but I’m still chugging along with it. My concience says I should be working on Grape Threadkeeper but right now I don’t really feel like it.

This post is titled Sleepy Sunday basically because I have been sleep deprived this weekend. Max has got it into his tiny brain that I have to get up at 5.30am and no amount of giving him the finger, shouting or flipping over in the bed and ignoring him is working. So I have been getting up when Max comes whining, this way at least one of us can have a proper sleep (Max only bothers me, Joel can go to another room, but Max will stay with me, whining and carrying on). One thing I have learned because of this, is that my laptop battery still has 4 hrs life in it before requiring charging which I think is pretty good after 2 years of pretty constant use.

Joel and I were late home last night because we babysat at Joel’s sister’s place. Catriona, my niece has been sick (flu-like symptoms) and I have never seen her so droopy and unhappy, poor little girl, she was absolutely no trouble – actually asking to go to bed and only one chapter of her book before lights out. Her little brother was also not too well, he went to bed quite well the first time, only a few tears but a couple of hours later he was up and crying for his mum (dad doesn’t get a look-in) we comforted him as best we could, giving him a bottle, cuddles, finding blankey (his toy) etc) but the little chap never really settled for very long. When his mum and dad came home, they found Sam asleep on Joel’s lap – the only place he would settle for any length of time.

Today, after getting up at the crack of dawn (thank you, Max!) I shlepped around the BBs and read blogs (this is how I know about the 4 hours of battery life). Everybody is so creative and inspirational. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed just of late so it was sweet when at lunch today my dear friend Sue said that my embroidery would be a Maylands heritage treasure if I stayed here for the rest of my life. I did point out that I thought that to make it a treasure for Maylands it would have to be inspired by Maylands and I have yet to create an original design (let alone one inspired by Maylands). Thank you Sue, for making me feel special (even if I didn’t let you know at the time and just laughed it off). Sue is off travelling for 3 months this week, going all over the world, happy traveling Sue! I will miss you. Yes, I wish I was going too.

All this talk of becoming a heritage treasure inspired conversation betwixt the spouse and I. While Joel and I were out on a walk with Max this afternoon we joked around about a Maylands Mandala (after the stylings of Martina “Chatalaine” Webber). Some of the things we thought we could feature in such a design were: Tranby house (the heritage listed farmhouse around the corner from our place), the Swan River, the birdlife around here and the brick kiln chimney left from the old brick works. Who knows, one day I might feel like having a go at it (maybe when Martina stops churning out winners – heaven forbid!!)

Oh I nearly forgot to say – thanks for all the comments re – my Winter ACEO! Jen, I started her the first week of January I have only been working on her Wednesday nights as part of the Quick stitch Stitch a long. She is on 25 ct over one with one thread. At the rate I have been going I expect to have it finished in 2008!!