"Brilliant Ibis"
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Yesterday was Joel’s birthday – I did my best to ensure he had a good day. What did he get? A DVD of Dr Who (David Tennant as the Dr) from me – I’d ordered Battlestar Gallactica Season two for him but it did not get here in time, so I had to pop down to Dymocks (Booksellers) in my lunchbreak on Thursday and grab the first thing that shouted “Joel” – luckily in a bookshop it is hard to leave with out something “Joel”. Joel seemed very pleased with the gift. I asked him where he would like to go for dinner and he wanted to cook a curry so that’s what we did last night. He was 34 yesterday.
Tonight I’m cooking Shepherd’s pie as a special treat (there’s so much prep I find this a bit of a production).
This is my weekend to work so there won’t be much to report in the way of progress at the end of the weekend. I used to resent weekend work a lot but it seems easier at City of Nedlands. I catalogued while I was on the counter today – I managed to do an entire basket full of books (approx 30) – it was impossible to do my back room work at my old job on a Saturday, it was all go, go, go!
My silks from Vicki Clayton arrived for the Village of Hawk Run Hollow… now there is no barrier to another new start except I just suddenly don’t want to add another WIP to my pile – wow. Maybe when Grape Threadkeeper is all done, I’ll feel up to it.

This photo is from a visit to Perth Zoo on Anzac day last year. Joel and I think this bird looks a bit “cylon”.