Book week is over!! I survived another year.

And to top it all off – I have a three day weekend!!

My staff were asking me what I planned to do this weekend and I was answering “As little as possible” – meaning: “Stitch, stitch, stitch!!” Though sadly reality must enter in a bit and some housework will be attempted (I don’t want to bore you with details but the kitchen is a fright zone).

The question is – on what shall I stitch. The best answer is of course, Grape Threadkeeper, I am about a quarter through this months installment (and soo close to the finishing stage I can almost taste it). But wouldn’t you know it – I have been looking at my stash and considering a small piece just to have a happy dance and gosh, a small stash delivery arrived the other day from Down Sunshine Lane – I have the LHN/CC packs on automatic and I received Apples. It’s only a small piece… I might do it over one…

First Grape Threadkeeper – then, naughty indulgence time. Picture a happy librarian dancing around the lounge with a evil grin.