My FOTM from Vikki Clayton arrived in the mail today.  Little Happy Dance! Twenty skeins of silky goodness!  I’m kind of drawn to Grape Vine (3rd from the left bottom row – it’s dark greeny/bluey/purpley blend), Golden Blush (pink with a little gold through it, top row 4th from the right) and Glacial (ice blue with a little purplyness – top row 3rd from left) but as usual I love them all! 

I wonder if it would be stretching the boundries if I used Golden blush as part of the Quaker Exchange we are doing on Stitching Bloggers Exchanges (it is more pink than yellow) our theme is pink as October is Breast Cancer Awareness month (we post in October).

There doesn’t seem to be a Bowel Cancer awareness month (I can guesswhat colour the ribbon would be – ha!).  Seriously though, my mother died at 50 with bowel cancer and Joel’s Dad is a bowel cancer survivor (though it has ripped him up a real treat).  I don’t want to get all morbid on you but if you do notice any blood in the toilet bowl please, please see your doctor.  I would hate any of you to have to go though what our parents did.  You are all important to me.