I moved my blog to beta blogger and I am very happy so far. The template editor is very easy to use and I no longer need my terribly basic html in order to edit the side bar (yay!!) The only drawback is that there is no html editor for the templates – I’d like to have used my little Felix banner at the top of the blog as before – but he is at the bottom of the blog for the moment and looking very cute down there. I always found editing the side bar the most hideous part of adjusting my blog and would leave it till I had absolutely nothing better to do.

I started my crazy cat lady exchange piece this morning. Now I’m going to take myself off out to lunch, then over to Calico and Ivy (for some finishing fabrics) and then to Claremont Library for a meeting for work. When I get home tonight I’ll pull out Winter ACEO for a little evening stitching.