I’ve finished this month’s installment of Grape Threadkeeper. I’m pretty proud as this is the first time that I have kept up with a Chatelaine to the end. Next month we will be doing the finishing with Judy O’Dell. Now that the stitching on this piece is done, I can concentrate on Japanese Octagon Box (allowing for exchange stitching, of course).

Today is Father’s Day in Australia. Joel and I are on our way out to Joel’s sister, Penny’s place for lunch with Penny’s family and Joel’s Parents. My own Father is miles away in Adelaide so we won’t be seeing him till he arrives later this month and we will do something nice for him to celebrate when he is here. I have to admit I am looking forward to having Dad visit again, he is fun guest (even though I am forced to stay up much later (and booze more) than I normally would when he is with us).