Before I start raving on about the awful time I have had this week (fear not, nothing bad really). Does anyone have any suggestions about securing back stitch that is not near any cross stitches, other than a knot? I googled back stitch today and none of the results had much about securing those first stitches. I have used a pin head stitch in the past but this doesn’t feel satisfactory to me.

I am a just a tad frustrated with the universe right now and need to have a quick vent. It’s a good thing I’ve been stitching on some exchange pieces to rejuevenate my karma!

On Monday I got a call from the people who serviced my car in January – somehow they didn’t process my VISA card properly and apparently I haven’t paid them the full amount (at least according to them) – they wait till September, nine months after the fact to tell me!! It’s their error not mine, all I did was sign the slip. I’m pretty disturbed by this, I will not be servicing my car with them again, I mean if they don’t take care of their accounts promptly what else are they stuffing up. Now we are waiting on my bank to send me a replacement statement because of course, I cannot find the right one.

Then while I was on my way to work today I noticed the cars registration was out of date and when I got home tonight there was a letter from the registration people saying it’s expired, return the plates. I guess the renewal notice got eaten somewhere in the post because I haven’t received one.

Also on the way to work my brakes have started to squeak, so I know it is time to replace the pads. OK, I think to myself, I’ll call a brake place and make an appoinment when I get to work. I also had plans to ring a few kitchen renovation places during my lunch hour. When I get to work and get settled I start looking for the Library’s Yellow pages, suddenly we don’t have the A-K part (brakes and kitchens) just the L-Z (every damn thing I don’t need – not even an embroidery shop in that volume). I swear we turned the whole place upside down looking for it. Before you ask, I don’t like the online version of our yellow pages – it is truly awful.

So there you have it – I was doomed to have an unsatisfactory day, but wouldn’t you know it things are improving already. I have been home for 20 minutes and already life is feeling better (yes, I’ve poured myself a liberal martini). I am sitting in the lounge and can see my 70% completed crazy cat lady exchange piece on our coffee table. All is well.