I had a bit of fun last night – I pulled out some of my Heaven and Earth Designs Charts that I have been contemplating as future starts and laid them out on the ground to show how crazy it is to think of adding another to my rotation.

This first one is Jasmine’s Square (by Jessica Galbreth) – not a serious contender I’m not sure I like her facial expression.

This next one is Selene (by Selena Fenech) Max insisted on being in this shot – sometimes we put a coin in for size comparison, I have a spaniel for that. (Sorry the photo is a bit blurry).

This is Karma Fairy by B K Lusk, this one is a serious contender – I love the peacock feathers. After the day I had yesterday a visit from the Karma Fairy was imperitive.

But the winner (and I even have a nice piece of fabby selected for this piece) is Rose Cat by Myrea Petitt. I just love this puss cat – just more proof that I am a crazy cat lady I guess.

Joel’s comment – just pick the one with the least stitching!