Well, it is a little late for this little blogger but I just had to share my latest stitching progress on Winter ACEO – she has lips! One of the silly thoughts I had whilst stitching on her tonight was “Wow, her lipstick matches her top exactly.”
Stitching ended abruptly at 9.00pm when Felix decided he didn’t have enough room on the bed where my floss box was and knocked it to the floor. Yes, he did a floss toss! (I said it was past my bedtime).

I love this piece more and more as I work on her, I know I won’t finish her in a year as I originally planned in my hilarious goal setting at the beginning of the year but I am really enjoying the process of working on her each Wednesday with the QS-SAL group at the Heaven and Earth Designs BB.

As for the first day of my holidays, I went out shopping with Lucy and Niall this morning (we went to Borders and I only bought one book!!) then came home ate a bit of lunch and had a long nap (nearly 3 hours). Tonight I picked up Winter ACEO and now you are up to date!

Edited to add – Susan Wittig Albert (a favourite author of mine) has set up a blog for the town of Pecan Springs, which is the town that the China Bayles Herb Mysteries are set. This weeks entry is a Ruby’s Spa Day with a strawberry facial which sounds really yummy, so I left a comment to that effect and Susan Wittig Albert sent me an email saying thanks – this made my day!