I’ve just packed up my Crazy Cat Lady Exchange ready for posting. Dad and I have a little shopping to do tomorrow morning so that’s likely to be when it gets sent off to its secret destination. Felix has been very interested in this project and it has been really hard work to keep his fur off it – he is moulting as well which has made it a bit more difficult than usual. And here is a pic of Felix just because I can’t share my finished piece with you. I love this shot – his whiskers look so amazing. He’s watching a bird in the front garden.

Speaking of Father – he has arrived safely and has been a model guest so far. We had a family lunch today and had my sister and her family around, which was lots of fun. I cooked us a Chile con carne which we served with corn chips, cheese and sour cream, this is only the second time that I can remember cooking for Lucy’s family, normally she does the food – so it was nice to actually return the favour for once. Dad has gone over to see them now, so I have some time to browse the BBs and blogs.

Joel has started updating his CV because he is considering applying for a job in (wait for it) Iceland!!! I have been encouraging him mainly because, heck, it is a great opportunity for him – but don’t worry, I don’t think he seriously thinks he can get it. I actually like the idea of taking off to another country. My Maiden name, McGill means “son of the foreigner” and the last two generations of McGill have left the lands of their birth to emigrate to other lands. Dad’s father left Ireland for England, Dad left England for Australia (with us in tow), maybe Iceland is kind of meant to be?

I’m so sorry my friends, that you have been having trouble leaving comments – I’m hoping it’s just a teething problem with beta that they will sort out some time, I’m not wild about leaving anonymous comments on everyone else’s blogs. Joel has been considering getting us more web space and a domain name (at least I think that’s what he said) and if that does happen I’ll probably move this blog and change over to wordpress (which has been a secret ambitition of mine for some time).