Still under the weather. I think it might be bronchitis again, judging by the gunk coming up, I’m off to the doc tomorrow.

I have managed to pop a few stitches into Cat knot, I did a little count this morning and I have done 140 stitches (all confetti). I have been sleeping a lot during the day so not to much progress to show for it. I am seriously considering letting this go and starting again on 25ct evenweave, I started on 18ct Aida and I don’t like it – lesson learned. I haven’t used Aida in at least 10 years. The only pieces I have in the house that are on Aida are Deep Sea and Cross I’s by Terracotta Teapot (A West Aussie designer) – I’ll have to take a photo of them, they are interesting pieces.

Dad has returned to Adelaide, we had fun having him around and I am sorry I was not well whilst he was here.

Alison, I have been working on Happy Day Needleroll. I ran out of the lilac WDW. It’s a nice colour so I didn’t mind buying a skein.

Here’s a pic of Max. He’s a pest, but I have a deep affection for him all the same. It’s an oldie – I just haven’t tried taking a picture of him lately – he is such a blur of energy most of the time.