First up, here is a teaser picture showing the materials I have chosen for my fall quaker piece. The theme is pink for breast cancer awareness. I am just about done with the stitching on this piece and it is coming out very nicely.
Here is my progress on Cat Knot. The biggest progress I can report is that I am going to re-start this piece on evenweave probably 25 count. I added another 140 or so stitches this weekend between naps.
And this is where I am at with the Happy Day Needleroll by Shepherds Bush. Those splodgey marks are bee’s wings not dirt, I’ll get around to adding their fuzzy little bodies soon. I had taken this piece to do at work during my lunch breaks, but it was stubbornly not progressing beyond “Happy” so I brought it home for a bit of attention.

Joel and I are off to Mount Barker this weekend to wish my mother in law, Miriam a happy 60th Birthday (at least I think its her sixtieth). She has planned a big weekend for us culminating in a climb up Bluff Knoll (I think I’m going to sit at the bottom and stitch). I’m planning on taking Japanese Octagon Box to work on while we are away. I think there are plans for us all to get together to watch the grand final of the AFL (footy). Since Fremantle is no longer in contention my heart is not really in it.