Here’s a rather silly photo of Felix I took a few months ago in leiu of any stitching photos. I’m anxiously awaiting word that my Crazy Cat Lady Exchange piece has reached it’s destination. I am starting to worry it has gone astray. I am just hopeless at waiting for word.

We had a fantastic time visiting Joel’s Mum and Dad this weekend for Joel’s Mum’s Birthday. Joel and I arrived in Mt Barker at around 6pm on Friday night.
Joel’s Mum and some of her friends climbed Bluff Knoll on Saturday morning – they met up at Miriam’s at 6 in the morning and went off to climb (funnily enough, Joel and I slept in that morning). Then we all met for lunch and watched the AFL grand final together, I say together but I left at half time to play with my niece and nephew and missed the more exciting part of the match (as far as I can tell) we returned just in time to see the West Coast Eagles (a Perth side) win by just one point. Very Exciting. I had to have a nap after all that excitement and so Joel and I only returned to the feast at around 7pm in time for dinner which was a lasagna. Joel’s parents always put on a fantastic spread.
On Sunday we went to church, had lunch with the family, then I stitched while Joel played a computer game with his brother in law (- Civilisation IV which looks like a fun game). We had a wonderful roast dinner for tea.
Today, Joel and I missed out on another brisk morning walk with the family. We had Miriam’s Scrambled eggs, bacon and toast for brunch which was just marvelous and set Joel and I up well for the long journey home. We arrived in Perth around 4pm-ish in time to pick Max up from his accommodation. He seems to have had a good time, but has a little sore on his nose. I’m going to have to watch this, I don’t want him to be ill.

All up, a wonderful weekend.