My Silk FOTM from Vikki Clayton arrived this week! Yum!
I also tried to get a photo of Japanese Octagon box but this piece is not co-operating with my camera at the moment.

I had a bit of a hopeless moment yesterday, an oldish order from Stitching Bits and Bobs arrived and I had a bit of a panic attack about whether or not I had ordered the new ornament issue from JCS as it was not in the package and nearly placed another order for the mag – thankfully I eventually calmed down enough (Stash Ecstasy can ruin one’s self composure) and finally remembered when I had ordered it (along with a cute sampler by Plum Street Samplers). I often seem to have attacks of Stash Amnesia these days!

What came in their package? – some floss away bags, Trix or treats (Blackbird designs), Tudor Knot Sweetbag (Nostalgic Needle – thanks for the enabling Nicki!!), Judy Odell’s design for designing ladies 2006 and the finishing instructions for this piece. A pretty good haul!

Funnily enough with all this lovely stash around the house – I’ve not really done any stitching for the last couple of days. I am planning to work on Winter ACEO this evening. Today has been my RDO but I’ve been catching up with Lucy (and the gorgeous Niall) doing the washing and tidying up the spare room (stitching can now recommence in there at last!)