Monday night when I collected the post – the new issue of Jill Oxton Cross Stitch and Beading had arrived – issue no 68 (Jill and her team haven’t updated the website yet). This issue is a fantastic one – there are some beaded lizards featured on the cover that are so cool I am contemplating having a go at making one sometime soon, there is an Egypt Panel to join their other beautiful long panels and an amulet bag with the camel featured in the design reproduced in beads (pretty groovy). Also some quite lovely Geranium designs (one with Hardanger) and beaded bracelets which look gorgeous! A highly satisfactory issue for me!

Then Tuesday morning I heard the parcel truck outside at 7.30am and rushed out in my jammies to see that yes, he had left a little parcel for me. Inside was a Crazy Cat Lady Exchange from Toni in the USA. The stitched pillow design is by Heart in Hand and I just love it. Thanks Toni!!

Then this afternoon when I got home from work there was more in the letter box!
Inside my packages were my FOTMs from Country Stitch and Stitches and Spice. Both were highly satisfactory this month! This first photo shows “Hokey Pokey” and “Midnight” by Country Stitch. I love both of these. The Midnight is particularly striking.

This second pic shows Terrafirma by Stitches and Spice – this is a little “orangier” than the photo shows. Still a lovely piece of fabby.

And the third package was this months Essy’s friends package from the Elegant Stitch! This month has a cute little ladybird design by Ladybug lane designs.

So all is well with me. I’m kind of full stash-wise for the moment – give me a week and I’ll be hungry again (has anyone else been eyeing the Brittercup Designs Stocking or is just me on my own with that one).

Michelle, I love Audible! I’m on a $20 per month plan with two books to download in that month – you can queue up a few for auto download at the end of the month if you are concerned you might miss the end of the month (I think they have rollover plans now). Most of the time I wish a new month would begin so I can get something new. I’m a little limited in my choices as they haven’t bought international licences for everything. I really love the readings of the Elizabeth Peter’s Amelia Peabody stories but only a few are available to me for download but are there on the site for their US subscribers. That little gripe aside their range is great and I am finding plenty to listen to. I have been with them for 18 months now and only wanted to stop when they removed all the Terry Pratchetts but they are all back now (and I have them all!!)
As for Brother Cadfael – I like these novels very much, but they are pretty much the same story every time though. Here is the formula: young man gets accused of murder/theft – seeks refuge with brother C, some young noblewoman falls in love with the accused, Brother C sorts it all out and gets back into the herb garden. Cadfael himself is an attractive character and I like the herb lore and the descriptions of life in the monastery. I think they are best read with other books between so you don’t get tired of the formula.