I had to work this weekend – bleugh!
Actually, I don’t mind doing the weekend rosters at my Library – I get lots of work done (I did loads of cataloguing and my backlog is at a very manageable level now!!) This weekend was particularly hard because I had to miss a friend’s daughter’s christening and a gathering with some new friends. Anyway no more dwelling on that. It’s done now and I enjoyed my time at work (who knew!) The police were in full force in the city today, I was breath-a-lised and went through two speed traps on the way home. That’ll teach me to take the “short” way home!

The title of this post is what I am already smiling about – I’ve got three weeks break in four working days time. La-la-la!! Look out Japanese Octagon Box. Grape threadkeeper – you’ll be finished!!

Anyhow, I’ve not really been stitching these past few days. I’ve been enjoying looking at my stash of old Just Cross Stitch Magazines. This time I wanted to see which issues I am missing to create this beautiful box by Sharon Cohen. I think I’m missing one issue – April 1997 (has one of the flowers and the finishing instructions). I bought the other issues a while ago from Just Cross Stitch but that issue was already no longer available then (of course you can now buy the chart for US$25!!). I think this must have been a renaissance period for the magazine, my 95/6 mags have a beautiful Merry Cox box and toys (Share thy bounty) and later in 98 there is a plethora of Teresa Wenzler designs. I’d like to do this box someday – right now it looks a bit beyond my skills.