I got up at 5.45am to walk Max with my friend. When I got back, I was eating my brekky when there was a thump by the front door and when I opened the door, there was a huge parcel waiting on the mat. It was a Quaker Exchange from Cathy! She stitched this lovely design, mounted it on a box top. She hand painted the side of the box and lined it with fabric decorated with the breast cancer pink ribbon. I love it!!

Cathy also sent some wonderful goodies along with this beautiful box. A calender, a candle, some tictacs (in a pink tube), a tape measure, some of the lovely lining fabric, some pink linen banding, a postcard with her state flower on it (Very Pretty!!), some needle necessities floss in a pretty shade of pink and some pink heart shaped buttons. I definitely feel spoiled – no question! Thank you so much Cathy – you made my day!
I have had a pretty good day on the whole. I had fun learning some new things about our library system and continued clearing up my cataloguing backlog (not much left now!!) Only Thursday and Friday to go now till my holiday break!!

Tomorrow I expect I’ll go and see Lucy and Niall and stitch a bit on my Winter ACEO (feels like ages, but it was only last week that I did some work on her). I’ve also got to get out and buy a gift for my Nephew (on Joel’s side) Sam, who is turning two on Friday! Happy birthday little man!