Just noting my “obligations” so I don’t get carried away or overwhelmed.

  • Christmas Ornament Exchange (SBEBB) – awaiting partner information – should start a shortlist of ornies to stitch, most of us seem to like the same kinds of things.
  • Winter Quaker Exchange (SBEBB) – motif is stitched, awaiting partner information for personalisation and finishing (I even know how I want to finish this piece and I’m ready).
  • Crazy Cat Lady Exchange – this piece is AWOL – still no word of it’s safe arrival – it’s been more than one month since I posted it. I will probably end up having to re-stitch (feeling a bit bitter about this one).

Funnily enough the last time one of my exchange pieces went astray I was ok about it (if disappointed) but this time it has really hurt me – I know I’m super hormonal at the moment and this is probably why I’m feeling miserable about it’s loss. I really don’t want to stitch the same design again, as I did with the previous missing exchange – I think I’ll select another design instead and finish it differently too. It’s even put me off my stitching for a bit.

Well bleugh, enough miserableness. One more day of work and then, three whole weeks of freedom!