Have you seen the two new Mirabilia designs? Here is Miss Valentine. I love her! Though I have to admit she looks a little like a stereotypical librarian to me – just add glasses and a book. I’d love to have the skirt she’s wearing. I pretty much accepted long ago that I am a stereotypical librarian (I’m a big fan of twin sets and pearls too). I like to think of my style as “classic”. I think this may have to be a 10 project challenge “exemption”.

The other new design, South Sea Mermaid has potential to be lovely too. I feel I should feel an affinity for her because I think she would be frolicking down our end of the oceans. I think this photo (in the link) is probably not truly representative of the colours used in the design – Mirabilia’s are kind of legendary for their bad model photos.

Thank you for your comments on the Quaker exchange – it was truly a fun one to participate in. I enjoyed it so much that I’ve already stitched my Winter Quaker.