What have I been up to?
Actually not a whole lot. I’ve been sorting out my stitching stash. All is now tidy and I finally know which DMC I need to buy to complete my set (can you believe I’m still 126 colours short of a full set – actually not that hard to believe when you realise it is on average $1.00 a skein over here). I also updated my lists of WDW, GAST and Cresent Colours – hopefully I will now manage to avoid too many duplicates.
I got my tax done and I am expecting a refund – yay! (I’ve had a little shopping fest to celebrate).
I’ve tidied the house (and messed it up again!!)
My copy of JCS ornaments 2006 finally arrived and I have been enjoying choosing the ones I’d like to stitch.
And I’ve been working on Reed’s stocking for Niall. I’m still hoping that I may finish this one in time for Christmas.

I got tagged by Rava! A girl who really knows how to shop!
Five weird things that I have to admit to about myself or my pets.. how odd I can’t think of much, but I do get plenty of strange looks from the people in my daily life.

  1. Max has a habit of trying to follow me by walking in front of me. This is annoying but not particularly weird.
  2. He also runs around in circles when he is excited, especially when he thinks I am going to get up and feed him. I have been known to pretend to get up just to watch him rush off and then laugh. Yes, I am a bad person.
  3. My cat Felix is the filthiest cat I have ever known. He never ever grooms himself. He comes inside covered with mulch and then expects us to brush it off his fur.
  4. Felix also loves Max and is always trying to cuddle up to him. This week I have watched him climb into Max’s basket countless times and seen Max leap out of his basket to get away from his cuddles. Felix actually grooms the dog (I wonder if he expects Max to clean him too?)
  5. Max is soo deaf that Joel and I can sneak in some evenings before he realises and pop his food in his dish before he has a chance to beg for it. When we make enough noise to wake him, he jumps a mile in surprise (this is pretty funny).

Max has been waking me at 5am – he seems totally unaware that I am on holidays and don’t need to be awakened with the dawn chorus. This is my way of getting back at him. Everytime I put my head down for a nap, he sits and whines by the bed. Max, you are on my bad boy list. Today I made his hair appointment – it’s time for another extreme makeover for Max. When I called the vet, the first appointment was for two weeks time – tis the season, apparently.