Here’s my progress at the end of day one of my finishing spree on Grape Thread Keeper (Martina Weber – Chatelaine Designs). Looks pretty good, eh! I’m feeling pretty confident that this will look great when I’m done with it.

In this picture you can see the four elements that will make up the threadkeeper. I have made the scissor pocket (with my purple scissors to match) and the chart pocket page and the hedebo rings for the threads. I will not be sharing the whys and wherefores of the finishing instructions as these are the property of Judy O’Dell. I have been wondering how similar these instructions would be to her Simple Elegance instructions but looking at the photo on her website I’d say not very similar at all. Another project to add to the wish list? Judy does make the finishing very easy. I have just had the digest from the yahoo group and they are all enjoying the finishing process too. It’s fun working knowing others are doing the same thing too.