Oh bliss! I finally heard today that the piece that I stitched for the Crazy Cat Lady Exchange arrived safely in Canada. I mailed it on 18th September, so you can see why I was getting a bit antsy.
I chose to stitch “In Stitches” by Calico Crossroads for Beth. I ended up finishing it as a flatfold. Which is one of my favourite ways of finishing things. That’s a little mouse button in the corner securing the ribbon bow (I was pretty pleased with this button). I also included some charts I found at my LNS on sale (bargin!!) and some rather cute cat fabric that hopefully Beth can use for her own finishing projects.

Oh and here is a pic of Felix, helping me decide what to do as finishing for this project and of course adding his own personal touch to the design. (I brushed this pretty thoroughly before I sent it)

I’ve pretty much finished the Grape Threadkeeper, I just need to decide whether to do the tassel and cording. I’ve done a tassle with a brown thread but I don’t think it matches well (Joel disagrees) so I am waiting to see what I think in a couple of days time. In any case I will want to buy more thread in order to do the cording, there isn’t much left here. I’ll take some pics sometime tomorrow.