Here is Sunday’s progress on the finishing of Grape Threadkeeper. As you can see I have completed the needle-book (except for adding the ribbon) and attached the spine. I’ve pinned it all together for stitching together (probably today). I’m so pleased with how this process is coming together. It really is a beautiful piece (even pinned together) I’ve just realised you can see my toes in the first picture – I was still in my pjs this morning when I took this photo!

I had morning tea with my good friends Donna and Ali yesterday – it was so lovely to catch up with them and to savour the wonderful hot chocolate at Tranby House. Joel and I then had lunch there which was very nice (they have improved their lunch menu too – hooray!). Then we went off to Ellenbrook to visit with my sister in law and her husband (and the kids!!) I had rather a large glass of red wine so I couldn’t countenance any further work on Grape Threadkeeper after we got home.
I think that I have an appointment to have my legs waxed today. I’ve lost my appointment card from the salon, so I’ll just show up and see if I’m in the book (and make an appointment if I don’t have one today!!).
Thank you all for your comments yesterday – I’m so pleased to be able to share my progress with you.