First thing this morning I had an email from the Victoria Sampler with the happy news that the next part of their alphabet sampler series is up and available for purchase – L is for Librarian. I have to admit it was with some trepidation that I clicked the link because I don’t think there are any really great library/librarian samplers out there. There are a few pieces that I think are ok – LHN’s Music and books and The Bookshelf spring to mind, also the Sampler girl’s Jane Austen Series. But these examples are really more about the books not the profession, and really, neither is VS’s effort.
Stylistically it fits with the rest of the series so we were never going to see my profession look as challenging and rewarding as it can be (when I am not whining on about it). So, what is my reaction to this piece? A little disappointed to start with – it seems to be continuing the stereotype of the bun and pearls. Then I checked out the materials list – silks, silks and more silks!! Now I am conflicted (they are Gloriana’s – argh)!! Also, there are some interesting specialty stitches to learn with this sampler (all beginning with L!!). What’s a librarian to do??